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Spilled Water on Your MacBook? Tips To Fix Water Damaged MacBook

MacBook water damage repair


Have You Accidentally Spilled Water on Your MacBook? What You Can Do to Avoid Additional Damage


Perhaps you were caught off guard by the rain and water crept into the laptop bag, soaking the MacBook, or perhaps a cup of coffee spilled all over your MacBook! Whatever the cause for this sad circumstance, you’ve come to the correct place. Here, we’ll discuss how to limit the damage and maximise the possibilities of your liquid-damaged MacBook surviving.


What You Should Do Immediately If Your MacBook Is Water Damaged


To begin, check the three critical steps you should do immediately when attempting to revive a water-damaged MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or any other MacBook model.


Disconnect All Peripherals From Your MacBook


To protect your MacBook from water damage, the first thing you should do is disconnect the power adapter, if it is attached. Exercise extreme caution when performing this task; ideally, wear rubber gloves and rubber footwear. Water and electricity are not the greatest of friends!


Additionally, unhook any dongles/peripherals attached to the device, such as the mouse, scanner, or printer. This is done to avoid damage to critical components such as circuit boards, connections, and batteries from spreading.



You may remove the battery from earlier MacBook models, such as the 2009 MacBook Pro 15″. While removing the battery from earlier Mac laptops may appear simple, it must be done carefully. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek support from professionals if you require it.


Take note that newer MacBook models, such as the 2015 MacBook Pro 15??, include glued-in batteries. As a result, you cannot manually remove the batteries from the newest versions of Mac laptops.


Shut Down and Leave the MacBook for a minimum of 48 hours

Additionally, you should immediately switch off the MacBook (if it is not already off) and leave it for at least 48 hours. Yes, experts strongly advise against turning on the gadget before it has reached the required time.


If your MacBook does not react, press and hold the power button until the notebook shuts down completely.

Tent Your MacBook (Non-Retina Model) to Drain the Water

After you’ve powered down your MacBook, flip it into a tent position to drain the water. However, pause for a moment before turning your laptop into the tent configuration!


Bear in mind that the tent technique is only compatible with pre-2018 MacBook Air and pre-2013 MacBook Pro models equipped with non-retina displays. These laptops include waterproof displays, courtesy of an aluminium front frame (available on the MacBook Air ) or a front protective glass ( available on MacBook Pro with a non-retina screen). As a result, they are suited to keep water out.


The retina displays on the newest MacBook models are not water resistant due to the lack of protective glass and an aluminium frame. Therefore, avoid placing your MacBooks with Retina displays in tent mode, since this will allow water to enter and cause damage to the screen.


To assist the MacBook models with Retina displays in securely draining water, gently place them in a 90-degree angle against a table edge and allow to dry.


What Not to Do When Dealing with a Liquid/Water Damaged MacBook Pro


When confronted with a liquid-damaged MacBook, there are three critical things you must avoid.


Avoid Attempting to Dry Your MacBook with a Hairdryer


Using a hairdryer to dry a wet MacBook is strictly prohibited. Therefore, you must avoid doing so since it may result in additional harm to the gadget by allowing liquid to enter the internals.


Shake Not the Wet MacBook


Shaking a moist MacBook is a mistake since it allows water to enter even those areas where it would not typically go. As a result, avoid shaking it.


Avoid Attempting to Turn on the Device


Another critical point to remember is to avoid turning the gadget on, since this might further imperil the device’s components, such as the circuit boards and batteries.


What About Drying the MacBook with Rice?


Without including the rice technique, this tutorial would be inadequate. According to this widespread tale, users may dry off a wet MacBook by placing it in a bag of rice. While this time-honored method may work partially on a liquid-damaged iPhone, the likelihood of it functioning on a MacBook is extremely small. As a result, we would not recommend it.


Bear in mind that the rice or its microscopic particles may find their way into the notebook’s ports, causing extra harm. As a result, avoid doing so.


If the Basic Tricks Do Not Work, Contact a Reputable MacBook Repair Center


If none of the aforementioned solutions worked, the likelihood is that the water destroyed the hardware. In this case, the damaged components must be replaced or repaired.


We recommend contacting a reputable MacBook repair facility. BreakFixNow is a well-known MacBook repair centre with several years of expertise and a strong staff of supertechies. We excel in resolving complicated issues due to our commitment to provide the best repair at the most reasonable price. Contact us immediately for assistance in repairing your water-damaged MacBook.