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MacBook Pro Flexgate Issue- How To Fix It


The MacBook Pro’s flawless combination of hardware and software puts it ahead of the competition. While the gadget succeeds at offering an exceptional experience, it has had its share of troubles, including display issues with various MacBook Pro models, which have proven to be a nightmare for a huge number of customers.


Flexgate is a phrase that refers to a display issue that occurs on certain versions of MacBook Pro due to a defective Flex cable. Once the problem was found and made public, netizens quickly coined the term “Flexgate,” after the flex cable was identified as the primary cause of the problem.


Given the problem’s prevalence, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to the Flexgate issue with the MacBook Pro display and a possible remedy. Therefore, if you are experiencing the same issue, continue reading to learn how to resolve this MacBook Pro display issue.


What Could Be the Cause of the Flexgate Problem?

Before delving into the core of the MacBook Pro display’s flexgate issue, it’s prudent to identify a probable reason.


MacBook models impacted by this issue employ thin and frail display flex cables. Because the flex cables are loosely wrapped around the display controller board, they are compressed each time the device’s lid is opened and closed.


Typically, the backlight cable fails first, resulting in different backlighting difficulties. Additionally, it is accountable for the display’s full failure at times.


Which Models of the MacBook Pro Are Affected?

In 2016, Apple introduced a revamped MacBook Pro with an all-new flex cable. As a result, it looks as though the Flexgate problem affects every 13- or 15-inch MacBook Pro model made in 2016 or 2017. (sold between October 2016 and February 2018). According to many sources, it has mostly affected Touch Bar devices.


If the display backlight occasionally/consistently exhibits vertical bright regions at the bottom of the screen, if the display has wide vertical bars, or if the display totally fails to function, there is a good possibility that your MacBook Pro is impacted by the Flexgate problem.


Apple Repair Program for Backlights

As is customary, Apple recognised the flexgate issue with the display after it became public and was reported by a large number of impacted consumers, and established the free backlight repair programme to service the afflicted notebooks.


The tech giant has identified the following MacBook Pro models as eligible:

  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016) with four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016) with two Thunderbolt 3 ports

What If Your Affected MacBook Pro or Air Is Not Repairable?


Though Apple was fast to identify the afflicted MacBook Pro models, we cannot rule out the chance that other devices will be affected by similar vulnerabilities.


While Apple made the necessary modifications to resolve the flexgate MacBook Pro 2017/2016 issue, we have discovered that other 2017/2018 models may be impacted as well and are not covered by Apple’s free repair programme. Fortunately, earlier MacBook Pro models are not impacted by this issue since they include a more robust cable that is run through the hinge rather than around it. As a result, it is more suited to withstand stress.


What if your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is not covered by Apple’s repair programme? In this case, you should call a MacBook repair shop to get the laptop repaired.


BreakFixNow has developed a reputation for providing quick and cost-effective solutions, and has become a sort of go-to platform for repairing MacBooks. What differentiates us from the competition is our ability to troubleshoot and resolve both complicated hardware and software issues. Therefore, call us immediately if you wish to address your MacBook Pro’s display difficulties.

Features and Issues on macOS Big Sur


MacOS Big Sur: Highlights, Cons, and More

There is no mistake that macOS Big Sur is the most significant macOS release in more than a decade. By changing the naming scheme to 11, Apple has established an entirely new age of macOS — one in which universal programmes and an iOS-style UI will rule the roost on macOS as well.

Apart from compiling a list of the finest macOS Big Sur features, we’ve also discussed the difficulties that have arisen as a result of this newest release. So, whether you’re curious in what the latest version of macOS has in store or about the issues that have surfaced, let’s get started!

The Most Important macOS Big Sur Features You Should Be Aware Of


Control Center in the Style of iOS

Among the new add-ons included in macOS 11, the iOS-style Control Centre has garnered the most attention, and with reason. After all, it is a major addition to macOS. Whether it’s changing the brightness, enabling/disabling Dark Mode, turning on/off Night Shift, or managing AirDrop, it’s all going to enrich your Mac experience even more. This functionality is particularly useful for those who already own an iPhone or an iPad and now enjoy the same unified experience on a Mac.

New Battery Configuration

What happens when your Mac’s battery begins to drain? As a result, you are compelled to identify the perpetrators and also to seek for solutions to reduce needless energy usage. That is why the new battery options (on which more later in the problems section) are such a welcome addition to macOS.

Effects of iMessage

If you’ve experimented with bubble and screen effects in iMessage on your iPhone, the odds are you’d like to use them on your Mac as well. What makes them so useful is their capacity to enhance communications with fantastic effects such as confetti, hearts, and fireworks. Whether you’re expressing affection or wishing someone well on momentous occasions, these new text effects for Mac will play a significant part.

Stickers Memoji

You guessed correctly! Additionally, Memoji stickers have made their way from the iPhone and iPad to your Mac. Memojis are extremely popular on iOS/iPadOS, and we see no reason why they cannot enjoy the same level of popularity on macOS. Therefore, the next time you desire to brighten up your iMessaging, do not forget to implement them.

Translator in Safari

A built-in translator function is something that the majority of us appreciate in a web browser. It guarantees that no language becomes a barrier while we are browsing the web or performing routine tasks such as reading articles. As a result, the Safari Translation is an excellent addition to Big Sur.

Significant Problems with macOS Big Sur

While macOS Big Sur may claim to be feature-rich, it is far from flawless. According to many accounts, the newest version of macOS is afflicted by a number of vexing difficulties. The three primary issues are as follows:

After the software update, the battery quickly drains.

A few MacBook owners who just upgraded to macOS 11 have claimed that their MacBook is draining significantly more battery than it did with the previous version. As is frequently the case, the issue may be triggered by the usage of a number of power-hungry features and resource-intensive applications such as Google Chrome. As a result, we propose that you utilise the new battery settings to pinpoint the causes.

On your Mac, open System Preferences and choose Battery. Now, choose Usage History to examine the battery’s usage trend. Additionally, there is an option to modify the battery parameters to extend the life of your notebook’s battery. Utilize this tool to detect and eliminate power-hungry resources, therefore extending the life of your battery.

Certain applications crash and occasionally become unresponsive.

Another issue that appears to have afflicted a sizable number of Mac users is random programme crashes and freezing. The issue is most likely due to incompatibility. In this instance, the best course of action is to update the programme, and if that does not resolve the issue, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.

Sluggishness That Was Not Expected

Sluggishness is frequently the result of crowded storage. As a result, it is always preferable to delete space-hogging and unneeded files. Additionally, we recommend that you remove any outdated programmes that may be causing the unexpected delay.


As mentioned previously, macOS Big Sur is a significant improvement over its predecessor, Catalina. It’s worth a try for features like the highly convenient control centre, text effects, and the economical battery setting.

Concerning the macOS Big Sur problems, they are a natural byproduct of technology advancements. In most situations, the methods listed above will resolve macOS Big Sur issues. However, if these steps do not cure the issue, call our Mac repair centre immediately to get your device repaired.