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Does mobile legends use a lot of data?


The mobile legends is one of the most played games online. There are many people that are in love with the game because of the graphics and the amazing challenges that you have to complete in order to be the best player. However, the only issue with the game is that you cannot play it without using the mobile data. You will not be even able to access the game if you WiFi or data is not connected. This is the reason that most of the people are concerned that how much mobile data it would use so they can know whether they should play the game using WiFi or mobile data. Here we have the average mobile data usage of mobile legends that you should know about.

How much data the game uses
The data in mobile legends is not only used for loading the game but also for playing different levels. There are many backend graphics that are working and continuously consuming your data while you are playing the game. It means that the lesser you will play the lesser data it will use. Here are some of the statistics that you have to consider while using mobile legends.

1. The average mobile data usage of mobile legends is 5 MB per day. It is the minimum usage if you play the game 2hr per day.
2. In case you are a game lover and you like to play it a few times (4 Hrs) in the day then 11-12 MB per day data will be consumed depending on how much you play.
3. If you like to play the game most of the time 6-8 Hrs, then you should know that a lot of your data will be consumed that might reach 15 to 17 MB per day
4. We can say that the average data usage of mobile legends can reach from 250 MB to 1 GB Per Month
5. You might think that it is a very small amount and it does not matter. However, if you will compare it with the other applications in your phone, you will find out that the data usage of mobile legends is 66.85% more as compared to other non-game application.

How to check the mobile legends data usage
A common question that most of the people ask is that how they can check the data usage on mobile legends. The process is very simple. You have to go into the settings and select the option of applications. Here you will get the category of data usage. Tap on it all the data usage of all the applications will be available. From here you can check the data usage of mobile legends.

Make sure that you manage your data properly because there are chances you will finish all your data while playing the game if you do not pay attention. Enjoy playing mobile legends using the SINGTEL UNLIMITED DATA X without worrying about blowing your data.