Ultimate Android Flagship: Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

A Look at The Mate 30 Pro
At a glance, this phone looks amazing with its glass and aluminum body and curved screen. The phone weighs around 200g, giving it a great “hand feel”. The best word to describe this phone’s looks will be “luxurious”. The phone’s front looks great thanks to its curved “waterfall” display. While the phone does have a thin bezel, its curved screen gives an illusion that there aren’t any bezels at all. In order to achieve this look, Huawei decided to get rid of physical volume buttons from the phone’s sides.

The phone’s back has a glassy panel with a round camera unit taking up plenty of space. The round camera unit consists of 4 cameras and manages to look pretty good. It definitely looks a lot better than the square camera design that we got to see on the Mate 20. Overall, this phone’s looks are great, despite the minor nuisances.

The Waterfall Display
The waterfall display does not just look good, it also performs really well. You can expect to see crisp colors and sharp images. In terms of performance, the 30’s screen is just as good as the 20’s, and the Mate 20 had a really good display. On the screen’s top is a notch that makes the phone look a bit like an iPhone.
Under the screen lies the phone’s fingerprint sensor. It’s responsive, not as responsive as older fingerprint sensors, but responsive enough to keep you satisfied. A cool thing about the Mate 30’s fingerprint sensor is that it uses a laser to read your fingerprint. This allows you to unlock your phone without even having to touch the screen.
The Kirin 990 Processor
There’s certainly a lot about the Mate 30 Pro that’s fascinating. But one of the most amazing things about the phone is its brain; the Kirin 990 chip. This chip is behind the crazy AI and fast image processing capabilities that Huawei has been advertising with such passion. The Chip is loaded with power and is currently one of the most powerful processors in any android phone out there.

Battery Life
A powerful phone needs a powerful battery. The Mate 30 Pro has a 4500mAh battery that gives you plenty of juice to work with. You can charge this battery through 40W wired charging or through 27W wireless charging. Both charging options fill up your battery really fast. The Mate 30 Pro also has a feature that lets is wirelessly charge other devices. Its reverse wireless charging is slow, but it is definitely an interesting feature.
This phone can go throughout your day without any dying on you. And if the battery does drain on you, a 15-minute charging session can increase your battery percentage by 39%. You won’t have to worry about battery times with this phone in your pocket.

The Quadruple-Camera Setup
The huge camera halo on the phone’s back isn’t just a flex on Huawei’s part. The phone is able to take amazing pictures and record super smooth videos in 4K. The powerful camera setup shines, even more, when it’s combined with the phone’s AI image processing. You can expect the Mate 30 Pro to capture superb daylight photos and clear low-light photos with plenty of image clarity.
The phone can record in 4K at 60FPS and it can record slow-motion footage at 7680FPS. There’s a lot about this phone’s camera setup that is worth talking about. You can use the phone as a versatile digital camera. The camera’s interface is really user-friendly as well, making the phone even more fun to use.
Overall, the Mate 30 Pro is a fantastic phone that is capable of so much. If only the Huawei and Google tussle hadn’t gone down, this phone would have easily become one of the best phones of its time.

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