Top Things That Cover Your Apple Warranty

Apple Warranty

As an owner of an Apple product, there is one thing that you must be familiar with at the onset – warranty. It is advised that you do not use your Apple product until you have read its warranty terms. By knowing the nuances of Apple warranty, you can make the most of the device and other services.

To help you get started, here are the top things that cover your Apple warranty:
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  • 1 year of hardware repairs: as long as it is an Apple-branded hardware product or accessories contained in the standard packaging, the device is protected against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. This is called the Warranty Period.
  • 90 days of telephone support: you have free 90 days of telephone support from the date of purchase. When contacting Apple through telephone, other charges may apply depending on your area or location.

It is crucial that you understand Apple reserves the right to alter the warranty service depending on your product’s eligibility to receive it. You must be aware that the services are limited to the options that are available in the country you reside in or where the services are requested.

There are other things that you should know about Apple warranty. Here are some details that you should not miss:

The warranty exclusions
Keep in mind the following warranty exclusions:

  • Batteries: the warranty does not cover issues related to its batteries.
  • Cosmetic damage: the warranty excludes cosmetic damages like dents and scratches. The warranty does not cover damages from using another product like case. Additionally, you should not expect the Apple warranty to cover normal wear and tear.
  • Accidents: the warranty also excludes water damage and other types of accidents.
  • Changes: if you consider other changes made to the phone like jailbreaking, the warranty is voided.
  • Unauthorised repair: if there are repairs handled by unauthorised Apple providers, you stand to lose the warranty.
  • Theft: the standard warranty does not cover theft and loss.
  • Used Apple products: the warranty only covers new purchases in official packaging. If you bought any used Apple device, you should expect that the warranty does not apply.

There are different warranty service options
Apple provides warranty service through the following options:

  • Carry-in: this entails returning the Apple product to Apple Retail. The repair will be performed at the location or Apple Retail. You will be notified that your product is ready for pickup.
  • Mail-in: if you are eligible for this service, Apple will send prepaid waybills and packaging materials with instructions on how to address or pack the product. At the end of the day, you can ship the product to the Apple Repair Service location. As soon as your Apple product is ready, Apple will ship it back to your location.
  • DIY: you can also do-it-yourself. This service will allow you to service your Apple products.

Periodic backup copies should be considered
Bear in mind that during the warranty service, the storage media contents will be deleted and reformatted. With this, you should make periodic backup copies to protect the contents. Remember that the agents are not responsible for any loss of data and other information contained on the media.

What if you want to extend the original warranty?
If you want to extend your Apple’s original warranty as well as avail of free tech support, you should consider purchasing AppleCare. It is in your best interest to know what AppleCare entails so you can make a smart choice.

You must know though that there are two kinds of AppleCare:

  • Standard: as an Apple customer, you are allowed to extend the device’s standard warranty by purchasing an AppleCare protection plan. It should be within 60 days of buying the device. Aside from that, it also extends support to 2 years for hardware repairs as well as phone support. Apple TV and Macs are eligible for standard AppleCare.
  • AppleCare+: Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are eligible for AppleCare+. It is in your best interest to consider AppleCare+ because aside from the standard 2 years for hardware repairs and phone support, it also covers 2 incidents of damage. However, every repair has a fee linked to it. There is also a special AppleCare+ with theft and loss plan but it is only applicable for iPhone. You should also know that you could cancel your AppleCare+ plan within 30 days of purchasing. You can get a full refund minus the services you received. If it is more than 30 days, you will get a prorated refund minus the services you received.

Final thoughts
Every Apple device comes with a warranty but you have to be mindful because warranties do not last forever. If you have Apple devices that behave strangely even after standard fixes, it is time that you take advantage of its warranty. Remember that it is crucial to understand the details of your Apple warranty before heading to the Apple Store because it can mean the difference between a costly repair and free repair.