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Samsung Camera Repair


Samsung Camera Repair Singapore Breakfixnow. Best phone front camera replacement for samsung note series, galaxy mega back camera fix. Full warranty on samsung phone camera repairs singapore

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Where to replace your Samsung phone camera in singapore

Samsung cameras are relatively durable and lasting. Only cases whereby impact damage and extreme weather condition can affect the camera. Extreme heat and cold can cause the internal parts of a Samsung camera to freeze or melt while moderate versions of it can cause moisture build up with the camera feature.

The best way to protect your Samsung phone camera is to insulate it with a protective casing and avoid direct sunlight or cold air.

Why repair your Samsung phone camera at BreakFixNow?

– We offer authentic Samsung camera parts
– Fast waiting time for each repair
– Low prices due to bulk purchase
– In-house repair technicians who repair directly in your view

All Samsung camera replacements here at breakfixnow is done with authentic Samsung cameras which offer the same resolution and colour density. Warranty provided by the manufacturers is 3 months and our prices are guaranteed lowest in the market.

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Please view the video on the left for more information on how to DIY Samsung Camera Repair yourself

If you are looking for Samsung screen repair, you are on the wrong page please click on the link

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Some problems with the Samsung phone camera

A: Cracked outer camera glass lens needs replacement. This is cheaper than getting the entire camera replaced.
Phone is unable to auto-focus on objects or focus is very slow.
Phone has a dust embedded inside the camera and cleaning the outer lens does not help.
Phone is foggy inside or there are traces of water within it and cannot be removed without technical help.

Q2: Should I repair my S7 and S8 camera with breakfixnow?

A: Camera replacement done at the authorised service centre will be costly. Please do give them a call and get a quote from them. At BFN we only charge $80 for a S7 edge camera replacement. We take 30mins, there is no data wipe and our warranty is 3 months.