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Welcome to BreakFixNow, whether it’s a shattered screen on your phone or an iPad that won’t charge, let BREAKFixNow take a look at it. We aim to exceed your expectations, and in doing so, are able to offer a minimum 2 months warranty on most services and repairs- let us show you what we can do! Don’t hesitate to visit our repair locations today, where you will be sure to find the most Affordable and Reliable services in one stop!

Here at BreakFixNow, we remain confident that we are the best at what we do because of our customer’s continued loyalty. Our trained technicians are able to repair your iPhone, Samsung Smartphone, iPod, iPad while maintaining manufacturer standard quality and functionality. Our customer’s continued positive feedback and referrals have allowed BreakFixNow to become one of the world’s leading electronic device repair companies.

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Quality Assurance

We provide quality parts that are sourced from OEM suppliers in China which provide us at least 3 Months warranty. In this way this warranty can be provided to you as long as it is not returned Broken. There might be other shops which are willing to offer you better prices in return for less or No Warranty. This could be because the parts manufactured may be faulty or slightly defective. Using such parts may work for a week or 2 and the problem may arise whereby you are unable to claim your warranty. This is something that you might want to consider before repairing.

At BreakFixNow we try our best to get the best quality parts at the lowest possible prices available using bulk purchases with our other collaborative partners in this industry. As we also service for big corporations our parts have to be of minimum commercial grade.
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Customer /
Costumer service

Keeping costs low and being entirely frank with the customers is our motto. Don’t be alarmed if we tell you that your phone CANNOT BE FIXED! If we could we would. At BreakFixNow, we will ask an entirety of questions before we carry out your repair so that the repair will suit your needs. We do not believe in quick fixes but solve the root of the problem. Our warranty is there to protect you and if we cant repair, you can trust that our advice..

We know that you are most probably BUSY during the week. Thats why we offer a Pick-up/ Delivery service by a reliable courier for those who cant make it during the weekdays. Once the repair is done you can just collect it on the weekends. Or if your need is urgent it can be completed within the day.
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We Give you a reason Why

Dedicated Motherboard Repair Specialists

Why most SINGAPOREANS choose BREAKFixNow over other third-party repair firms? Motto – Helping students solve their smartphone problems at UNBELIEVABLE prices.

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No other repair centre can match in terms of SKILL and PRICE

Most TRUSTED & RELIABLE brand for Mobile repair. All prices quoted are NET, No EXTRA charges. Convenient SHOPPING while you wait @BUGIS STREET. Only here at BREAKFixNow are we able to provide U with up to 3 months warranty for parts and 6 months for labour. If Other shops are unable to fix your phone BREAKFixNow CAN!
Any issues with our work, contact us & we guarantee to FIX the problem swiftly or issue you with a full refund

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Fastest Turn-Around Time

We provided free IN-YOUR-FACE diagnostics and quote you a fair price for your repair.
Best at Cracked Glass replacement for Samsung S2/S3/S4/Note/Note 2 & Note 3. BREAKFixNow has highly professional Apple & Samsung Certified Motherboard technicians who can repair Chip-Level problems, just let us know. Don’t let others tell you NO!.
Our staff will give you Reliable advice and Accurate estimations of the time/cost taken to get your mobile device fixed. Don’t pay MORE for LESS.

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We LOVE Special Requests

We CAN FIX what the majority of Mobile Shops cannot due to our dedicated MOTHERBOARD technicians and ability of get ANY spare part Sony Xperia Repair & LG Repair Optimus G. EXPRESS! As the leading Professionals in the field of Mobile Repair, we take pride in serving you. Only accepting full payment
when the job is done. No Fix No Pay is our policy! Keeping repairs Affordable to the masses is also a cornerstone in our business model. NOT everything needs costly Motherboard Replacement!

Impressive Warranty Coverage

If you need it URGENT, just say so. If you need something so strangely unique, we can order it and it can be here in 7 days. Takes est 1hr to finish a Xperia Z screen repair. We get the REAL parts for you so that you can set your mind at ease when you use your phone. Quality components are sourced from reliable suppliers. Warranty provided. Breakfixnow reviews.


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