Why You Need to Clean Off Your Computer Fan

Clean Off Your Computer Fan

Are you not a ‘fan’ of cleaning your computer fan? Then you should be worried because failure to do so can cause so many problems. If you have been neglecting your computer fan for quite some time now, then for sure you are already starting to run into some problems. Failure to regularly clean your fan will not only cause wear and tear on your computer but can also put your data and files at risk. If you dont want to DIY cleaning your computer internal fan, you can find Breakfixnow Laptop Repair services.

Risks Of Not Cleaning The Computer Fan
Problems can arise if you are not ensuring that your computer fan is clean. If you want to know if the problems that you are experiencing right now with your device is caused by a dirty fan, then here are some of the most common issues that it can possibly result to:

  • Heat Buildup. Can you hear strange noises from your computer fan? That is an indication that it is starting to experience a problem. This will cause it to fail sooner or later. If your fan stops working, your computer will not be able to get the needed cool air neither will it have the capacity to push hot air out of its case. This means that your computer case will turn hot which can reduce the performance of your computer. This can result in overheating. Eventually, your computer will not be able to stand the high temperature inside and it will start to reboot multiple times while you are using it.
  • Health Risks. Dust is an allergen. Other than that, research studies revealed that dust from computers has fire retardants that cause neurological and reproductive problems. Make sure that you have filters for your computer fans. This way you can prevent toxic air from spreading. However, these filters will block the airflow which is why you need to constantly check them and change as needed. You need to make sure that they are clean to let the air in and out of your computer case.
  • Poor Performance. If the dust inside the computer case starts to build up, especially on the computer’s fans, it will function at a higher temperature. Thus, the computer will run slowly. This is why if they are not cleaned your computer will slow down and eventually ruin its other components. The effects of a dirty fan are worst especially on laptops because of its small space inside. This is why computer and laptop owners are advised to have their fans to prevent poor performance.
  • Risk of Fire Hazard. When you do not regularly clean the fans of your computer, dust will start to build up. If this happens, it can create a fire hazard especially if you leave the computer on and unattended in a poorly ventilated area. You have to make sure that you turn your computer off when you are leaving from work to prevent fire. If your fan catches fire, your computer will not be able to survive the incident. Thus, causing you to lose all of your important data.

Clean The Inside Of Your Computer
Heat is the number one enemy of your computer. Over time, it will affect your computers’ performance. But how often should you clean the inside of your computer? Every 6 to 12 months. Here’s how to do it:

1. Power off your computer. Make sure to unplug it from the electrical outlet or from the surge protector.
2. Open the computer case.
3. It is best to use compressed air when cleaning and dust the internal components with short bursts of air. Be a few inches away from the motherboard, memory, expansion cards, and the processor.
4. Remove any dust buildup on the fans. Hold the fan to keep it from spinning so you can blow compressed air onto it. You can use also use rubbing alcohol to wipe the blades cotton swabs for finishing touches. If the fan is not easy to reach or if it is too dirty, remove it from the case so you can clean it easily.
5. Use a can of compressed air to remove the dust buildup from the power supply. If the case has a dust filter below the power supply, clean it too.
6. Also, clean the heat sink and fan mounted on the processor with short bursts of compressed air. If the buildup is too much, you need to remove them from the processor. Clean the thermal grease off from the processor and the heat sink. When removing thermal grease, use a lint-free cloth with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Wipe the thermal grease from the. Do not forget to reapply thermal grease before your place back the heat sink to the processor.
7. Dust off the other ports of the computer using compressed air. Clean the exterior vents as well, using rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.

That’s it! Cleaning the inside of your computer is not that difficult, isn’t it? If you make it a habit to clean your computer, all of the problems mentioned above. It is important to regularly check it especially if you keep them on the ground or on your carpet. Again, do this every 6 months or so to avoid potential issues and also to maintain its importance and help your computer live a longer life with you.