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XiaoMi Phone Repair

XiaoMi Phone Repair

Repair Xiaomi Phone Singapore Breakfixnow, replace original XiaoMi parts. Express Xiaomi Screen Repair, fix port & battery. Best Xiaomi phone repairs Singapore

xiaomi phone repairs

xiaomi repairs
Where do I repair my Xiaomi phone in Singapore?

Xiaomi is a Chinese own company who has its headquarters in Bei Jing. They are the 5th largest makers of mobile device and have sold over 60 Million phones all over the world. The company is currently worth 46 Billion and is now posed to enter the the Indian market.

Xiaomi does not only make phones, it also has a large market share of the powerbank, air filtration and even Bluetooth market.

You can get your device repaired at the local service centre at Chinatown. Or various other outlets throughout the island. Here are a few which you can consider.

BreakFixNow Xiaomi Repair Centre

These guys can fix your phone within 30mintes of collecting your device. They are experts at replacing all parts of a xiaomi phone.

Charging port replacement
If your Xiaomi device has a burnt smell coming from the port it might need replacement of a new charging connector. We may also need to change the charging flex which includes the sub-board & microphone.

Battery replacement
Your xiaomi battery may need replacing if it has already past its usable lifespan which is about 1 and a half years or about 18months period.

Crack screen repair
Anyone with a crack screen will feel uncomfortable with using it while risking the fingers being cut by a sharp glass shard. Get your Xiaomi phone screen replaced here cheaply and quickly

where to repair my xiaomi phone

Please view the video on the left for more information on how to DIY XiaoMi Phone Repair yourself

If you are looking for phone screen repairs, you are on the wrong page please click on the link

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Should I go to Xiaomi service centre instead of third part?

A: Xiaomi phones area relatively cheaper as compared to other brands. This makes it less desirable to pay so much at the service centre. You might want to consider getting third party as it is at least 1/3 the cost.

Q2: Should I buy a Xiaomi phone instead of a iPhone or Samsung?

A: Xiaomi provides value for money with their phones which cost relatively cheaper as flagship models from other brands. MiMax with the largest screen only costs about $300+. However, they only last about 1-2 years before you can start seeing the quality of the phone unravel: the paint peeling and phone starts becoming more lag due to lack of updates.