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As the top iPhone repair Singapore experts, we are able to fix your smartphone when other shops can’t. Here at BreakFixNow, we will be able to provide iPhone 6 repair services whenever you need it. We provide three months warranty for parts and six months for labour. If you have any issues with any of our services, contact us right away. We will try to fix the problem as soon as possible, or give you a full refund if you are unsatisfied with our work.


Being the iPhone repair Singapore leader, we take pride in serving you. We have a No Fix No Pay policy. That means you only pay for the iPhone screen repair or any other services after the job is done. We make sure that our services are affordable. Competitive rates are the cornerstone of our business model, and that’s why we keep the prices as low as possible.


BREAKFixNow has our technicians that are certified to do iPhone 6 repairs. It doesn’t matter what the problem with our Apple smartphone might be. We make sure that you get a reliable advice, as well as an accurate estimate of the time and costs to get the device fixed. You will not be paying more for your iPhone repair Singapore services.

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BreakFixNow provides professional iPhone 6 repair. We make sure that your smartphone is fixed at competitive prices. You don’t need to go elsewhere to have your iPhone fixed.

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100% Satisfaction
Our goal is to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our work. We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with any of our services. Just return the item and we will return your money with no questions asked.

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When you go to our shop, we can provide you with a free diagnostics of your iPhone problems. We will provide a quote for the iPhone screen repair and other services. Our goal is to provide you with a fair price to fix your Apple smartphone.

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We can fix all types of issues when it comes to the iPhone. No other shop in Singapore can provide you with the services that we have to offer. Our technicians have been trained to handle all types of problems. Not only that, we have all the spare parts required for the job.

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We know how important your smartphone is to you, and that’s why we try our best to complete the iPhone 6 repair as soon as we can. We maintain a fast turn-around rate to ensure you will get your iPhone within the shortest time possible.

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Genuine Parts
Our job is only as good as the parts we use. We use genuine Apple parts for all our iPhone repair Singapore jobs. We source our components from reliable suppliers and offer a warranty on the parts and services.

Our Reviews

  • "BFN has fixed 2 different screens for me! They just fixed my 4GS a few days ago and I couldn't be happier but then I dropped it again and they fixed it in a jiffy. They are always kind and smiling. [BreakFixNow review]"

    - Cherine  star

  • "Thanks for fixing my iPad Mini screen. Reasonable price and friendly staff! Best iPhone repair singapore. I will recommend my friends. =)! "

    - Cassandra Lee  star

  • "Went to get my S3 fixed on the 12th of September for the charging port. It was fixed, but after 2 weeks cannot charge again. They helped me to fix it within 1hr as it was within their warranty period. "

    - Mano  star

  • "Jason you seem quite busy today but thanks for the power button fix for my iPhone 5! "

    - Sok Yan  star

  • "I wish to thank all customers for your patience and kindness! You are the best. iPhone Repair Singapore. Samsung Repair Singapore."

    - Alan, BFN Staff  star

  • "Thank you for fixing my Note 2 glass so quickly. Sorry for rushing you guys! I made my flight.. "

    - David, Australian  star

  • "Thank GOD my friend recommended me to BREAKFixNow.. I almost went to go 1 - to - 1 exchange with Singtel for a faulty power button on my iphone. I got it fixed in a matter of minutes and at a fraction of the cost. "

    - Grace Lim - Blogger  star

  • " I was prepared to buy a new iphone but BFN has saved me again. My repair was $70 bucks! I was so shocked at the price when i compared to other shops. Thank You BREAKFixNow!!!


    - Sam Tan  star

  • "I had dropped my iPhone 6+ and my screen broke. Called up a couple of repair shops and this one caught my attention as he responded to all my questions calmly and knowledgeably. Was thoroughly impressed by the service given to me by Jason! We tested the phone together with additional emphasis on the touch id. [BreakFixNow review]"

    - Cox  star

  • "Thanks for fixing my iPad Mini screen. Reasonable price and friendly staff! Best iPhone repair singapore. I will recommend my friends. =)! "

    - Cassandra Lee  star

  • "Dropped my phone countless times until the phone could not respond to any touch. Was told by Jason it’s an touch ic failure and he did a basic lcd replacement to show me that replacing an lcd would not fix it. Other shops wanted to charge me diagnostics for $30 and this had to be paid whether I repaired or not. They offered a test and no charges at all!"

    - Roob  star

  • "Jason you seem quite busy today but thanks for the power button fix for my iPhone 5! "

    - Sok Yan  star

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