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Where do I repair my S7 Edge screen in Singapore?

S7 Edge was the first true curved edge S series flagship phone release by Samsung in March 2016. It allowed use of the edge display for nearly all main screen functions. It has a 5.5 inches Super AMOLED display and 76% screen to body ratio.

The screen and back panel are made of Corning Gorilla glass 4 and supports higher scratch resistance than its predecessors.

Many repair shops are unable to remove the glass due to the curved edges and some do very poor repair quality resulting in blotched colours, reduced touchscreen sensitivity and poor fitting. Here at BreakFixNow you do not have to worry about these problems.

Problems arising due to drops:

1. Cracked Gorilla Glass Screen needing replacement
Obviously need a change of glass. There are others symptoms below which you may experience.

2. Double or fuzzy image
This happens when there is damage to the cable of the top part of the AMOLED screen. Screen can still be seen at times but overall you will need to replace the entire full screen which is still costly.

3. Pink line on the screen needs lcd replacement
1 current carrying diode either on the top or bottom has been damaged. This is a result of a minor drop and if more diodes are broken they can manifest as blue, black or blotches on the screen of various colours.

4. Slow, lagging or unresponsive touchscreen require replacement
This results when the digitizer layer is damaged. LCD layer is intact but will still require a complete fullset change.

5. No display and need replacement
This is the most obvious outcome of a drop and will definitely need a change of AMOLED screen display

Why BreakFixNow does s7 edge screen replacement better?

– Economies of scale due to bulk orders
– Only using S7 Edge genuine parts for repair
– Certified Samsung China technicians
– Done within 40mins instead of 2-3hrs
– Done 1200 pieces of S7 Edge to date

There are only a few repair shops who are able to handle the S7 edge, S8 and S8+ screen repairs as the work is very delicate and time consuming. We are 1 of the top few companies proficient in handling the S7 Edge crack gorilla glass screen replacement.

If you are looking for samsung motherboard repairs, you are on the wrong page please click on the link

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: How do I know if my S7 Edge can do glass replacement?

A: Please make sure the display beneath the crack glass looks perfectly normal. If unsure please do bring it down for a 3mins check up with our technicians.

Q2: Do you do home repairs for S7 Edge?

A: Yes we are able to collect it from your home and return it at a later time. Give us about 1-2hrs and we can send it back to you good as new. Sorry we are unable to do it in your home as the equipment is bulky and the noise and heat is unsafe for your home. Please do not trust those who say they can do it as even the authorised service centre requires multiple machinery to do a good job.

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