How to replace a broken laptop screen

Fix Your Broken Laptop Screen in Singapore – Know the Steps Here!

A broken and cracked laptop screen can give you a lot of stress, especially if you don’t have any spare unit to use and your job deadline is coming up. Fortunately, you can fix it yourself. This article today will give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to replace your broken and cracked laptop screen.

This guide is perfect regardless of the current status of the screen. So, whether it’s cracked or blown pixels, this article has a solution for that. All you need to do is prepare all the necessary materials and tools, basic technical skills, and of course, patience while changing the damages screen.

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Is It Allowed to Fix?

Maybe, you’re in doubt to touch your broken laptop because of the warranty. But the most important thing is, always check first your warranty documents before replacing the screen. Once your laptop is still covered for the warranty, you don’t need to fix it by yourself.

So if you’re warranty is already expired, you can now replace your broken screen. But before that, let me remind you this: Do at your own risk.

Checklist Before Replacing the Screen

It is highly advisable that you must troubleshoot first the system before replacing the screen. Because a system issue causes some damages.

For example:

  • When the image appeared faintly on the screen, this is due to backlight. It creates an annoying obstacle for the visibility of the screen. So, probably the issue is caused by a latch that’s stuck in a closed position. To solve this, you need to locate the backlight switch. Simply use a small pin then unstick the latch
  • When the screen is pure white, then maybe it is due to a poor cable connection between your screen and the board. To solve this, open your laptop and ensure that all the cables are connected appropriately.

But when the problem is due to a cracked screen, the only solution for that is to replace it.

Replacement Screen and Tools

To start, you may need the following technical tools and a new LCD screen. It is much better if you use a screwdriver with small bits on it like Phillips #00 or Torx T5. Also, don’t forget to purchase some plastic spudgers or thin metal blades. These tools come handy when removing small debris on the screen.

For the LCD, always buy from authorized part dealers or licensed third-party suppliers. Depending on your laptop model, the price may vary from SGD 69 to SGD 345 – especially if the model is high-end. So, regardless of the model, the most important thing to make sure that you purchase the right LCD is to bring the broken one with you.

Steps to Fix Your Broken Laptop Screen

Follow this step-by-step guide to replace your broken screen into a new one successfully.

1. Detach the Screen Bezel

Disconnect the power supply and remove your battery. Carefully check the bezel around the laptop screen. Remove the bezel to detach the screws that hold the screen. Other laptop models may have several rubber cushions that hide screws. So, remove these cushions to remove the screws underneath. You may thin metal blade of plastic spudgers to remove the bezel at the bottom corners.


2. Carefully Detach the Broken Screen

Carefully remove the screws that connect the screen to the lid. After that, slowly disconnect its cable while the display is facing front-side-down. If the laptop model was built before 2012, then the LCD may have fluorescent backlights so meaning it has two cables. But if your laptop was made around 2015, onwards it only has one.

After that, check the manufacturer’s label and jot-down the model number. Use this information to buy a new replacement for the screen.

3. Installation of the New Screen

Once you’ve purchased your new screen, check if it matches the old one. When the mounting brackets, connectors, and dimensions fit perfectly then, it’s the right time to install the new screen. You may connect the new LCD to the cable, then position the LCD correctly in the lid and make sure that it screwed appropriately.

4. Test the Screen and Attach the Bezel

Before attaching back the bezel, it’s recommended to try first the new panel. When everything looks perfect, and you don’t notice any issues, then that’s the time to reinstall the battery and power cable to turn the laptop on. If nothing goes wrong, put back the bezel, screws, and rubber cushions.


In addition to that, check the screen if it’s working correctly by turning on the laptop. Once the screen is working well, turn off the system. Make sure that you screwed the LED tightly, after that cover it with the rubber caps.

If you’re not able to fix your broken screen, you may contact a laptop technician in Singapore. They are skilled and can resolve any laptop issues, especially with the screen. For more detailed information about fixing cracked or broken laptop screens, visit this link