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Cracked LCD Replacement

LG G4/ LG G Flex/ Nexus 4-5-6-7/ HTC One/ HTC One Mini/ HTC Butterfly 2 / One X+ / Sensation XE/ Z Ultra/ Z/ Z1/ Z3/ Z4/ Z5

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  • Crack Gorilla Glass
  • Screen with no touch function after drop
  • LCD bleeding with colour distortion

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Power/Home Button Replacement


BREAKFIXNOW offers both replacement & repairs to customers. Even you must agree that using the assistive touch gets really annoying after awhile..

If you are looking for iPhone Repairs or Samsung Repairs you are on the wrong page.

Warranty Provided

BFN gives a 2 month warranty on problematic home buttons and we will change it without question if it starts acting up again.

Common repairs with Button issues

  • Button not sensitive
  • Button causes phone to keep turning off
  • Button has to be pressed very hard for response
  • Button click cannot even be felt

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Charging Port Replacement

Having a charging port that cant charge? Or do you need to twist it left and right to get the right angle. Save your time & bring it down for a quick fix.

What are the symptoms?

-Must angle to charge
-Changed many cables but they all dont work
-Water has been accidentally introduced to the part recently and corrosion has taken place
-You tried to bring your waterproof smartphone swimming but forgot to close the cap tightly
– Takes about 1hr On-The-Spot
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Water Damage

An accident in the toilet or swimming in the sea? Fret NOT and allow the professionals to handle it with the utmost care. We will wash the board to remove all moisture with a proprietary solvent and clean up all rusted parts.

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-LCD has water marks on it
-On/off button not responding
-Sensor not working
-No audio or buzzing
-Weak vibration
-Cannot On
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Country/Network/Sim Unlock

Popular: S2/S3/S4/Note/Note2/Note3 (ALL Android)

Get your phone unlocked if you your phone is from another region!

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  • Softbank Japan 3-10 day
  • Korea (Korea KH) the blacklist (steal): 3-7 working
  • Optus / Virgin AU (Australia): time 72h done
    Telstra AU (Australia):1-8h (including blacklist)
    Vodafone / Hutchison AU (Australia): lay now
    Vodafone 4/4s/5 / Hutchison AU (Australia) not found:24h (except sun-satu)
  • Vodafone UK (UK): 3-10 on (only IMEI clean)
  • T-mobile/Orange UK (UK): 3-5 days stop now

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Battery Replacement

Battery’s optimum lifespan is about 2 years. After this period, overheating and high power drain issues are common for most phones. BREAKFixNow will end your phone’s power hungry days.

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    • phone cannot start without charging plug
    • battery bloating causing backcase to bend
    • battery fast discharge

Note: Might take about 1-3hours

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Burnt Out Microprocessor (A5/A6/Exynos)

All Android

A variety of issues can cause your microprocessor to stop working or slow down. Let us diagnose it for you before the problem gets worse.

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  • Phone does not recognise cable
  • Phone not charging
  • no IMEI no, no Wifi, no Bluetooth, error -1
  • no touch, no rotation
  • screen hang on start up apple page
  • earjack no sound when plugged in
  • when calling no mic no speaker
  • no camera
  • automatic power failure

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Software & OS Corruption

We will re-flash your drive in a jiffy or help you solve various software issues.

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  • Rooting issues
  • Hardware failure due to wrong software type
  • Constantly stuck at the main boot logo
  • Odin

All Mobile Devices

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